Pool Guidelines

Upon purchasing your new home, you became a member of the Homeowners' Association (HOA).  All HOA members - in good standing - have access to the Community Amenities.  To enter the Community Pool and restroom areas, YOU MUST HAVE AN ACCESS KEY CARD.  If you are in need of an access key card, please CLICK HERE to complete the Pool Access Key Card Request Form or access the form under the Amenities menu tab of this website.  No more than six (6) guests per household allowed at the pool; with the exception of special events (see Amenities/Reservations menu tab).  Remember, it is not recommended that anyone swim alone and there is No Lifeguard on Duty so supervision of children is MANDATORY.

Pool Rules

Hours:  Sunday through Thursday 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. ;  Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 12 a.m.

(Noise disturbances after theses hours should be reported to the police.)

  • NO DIVING ALLOWED.  Caution Water In Pool Is Shallow.
  • Entry To Pool Through Gates Only.  Climbing Over Fence or Gate is Prohibited.  Gates Must Be Closed and Locked At All Times. 
  • No More Than Six (6) Guests Per Household Allowed At The Pool (Exception, Special Events)
  • Children Under 14 Must Be Accompanied and Supervised By An Adult (18 or Older) In Pool Area.
  • Any Resident Has The Right To Remove From The Pool Children Who Are Not Accompanied By An Adult.
  • Persons With Contagious Disease, Diarrhea, Skin Abrasions, Or Open Infected Sores Will Not Be Allowed In The Pool.
  • No Glass.  Only Unbreakable Containers Are Permitted In Pool Area.
  • Pets, Bicycles, Roller Skates and Skateboarding Are Not Permitted In Pool Area.
  • Running, Tag Games, "Cannon-Balling" or Boisterous Play Of Any Kind Are Not Permitted In Pool Area.
  • Music Equipment Is To Be Kept at a Level That Does Not Disturb Others In Pool Area.
  • Do Not Throw Items Such As Rocks, Nails, Marbles, Coins, Etc. Into Pool.
  • Use of Floating Tubes, Rafts And Toys Must Not Interfere With The Use Of The Pool By Others.
  • Usual and Customary Swimming Attire Is Required.  Cut-Offs or Blue Jeans Do Not Meet This Requirement.
  • Do Not Alter Or Remove Safety Equipment.  Use Only In An Emergency - These Are Not Play Items And Need To Be Maintained for Everyone's Safety.
  • No Eating Or Drinking In Water. All Trash And Food In Pool Area Must Be Picked Up.
  • Pool Furniture Is Not to Be Used For Anything Other Than Sitting.  No Furniture Is Allowed In Pool.
  • No Water Balloons Allowed.

It is the responsibility of each resident to see that these rules are enforced in order to maintain a safe pool area for the use and recreation of all concerned.  The Board of Directors has the obligation and right to suspend the membership and pool privileges of any member who abuses their privilege or creates a safety hazard for others.